I am so glad you found me!

My focus is on helping others in recovery get better.

I write honestly about how I became an addict and the mess I made of my life when I was actively using and abusing vulnerable people I met. Also, I detail how I turned my life around including every gory detail I remember.

Today, I do my best to keep moving forward no matter what is going on around me.

So, about my blog every title you see contains my real-life experiences. I grew up in a monstrously abusive and violent household which catapulted me into alcoholism and self-loathing.

I have worked hard to get past that and have self-published an ebook detailing that:

Part 1 of the Series: This Recovering Alcoholic Bully’s Open Letters of Healing

Secretly Brainwashed to Bully and Troll

You can see it here:

I am building a happy and productive sober life in recovery

and hope you will do the same.

That choice is yours.

I wish you the very best in ALL you do!

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