I Recommend PsychCentral Because

The New York Times says this about Psych Central:

“Psych Central [is] one of the best online mental health resources I’ve come across.”

Tara Parker-Pope

It launched in 1995 as Psych Central: John Grohol’s Mental Health Page. It includes a directory of online mental health resources and lists of symptoms for mental disorders.

In October 2001, the Los Angeles Times said this about Dr. Grohol:

“In his many years hosting this popular site, psychologist John Grohol has come to consider himself the conscience of online mental health-and he takes the job seriously.”

You will find articles, solid information on mental health illness,

people with the same struggles, similar struggles and how they have gotten better.

They have forums where you can talk to others with a list of mental health issues

to get support and feedback, plus much more.

I am a member there and have learned a lot plus I have connected with others like me.

 I face Clinical Depression and Complex PTSD, plus a lot of health issues.

I feel safe and happy there.

If you struggle with any mental health situations,

I can not encourage you to check it out.

And please remember this:


Why 365 Days

Because these topics are real and they exist every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year. More than likely, they live on every street in every zip code of every town, no matter how big or small, on this planet we call home.

Without fail, abusers exist and they damage and they abuse to gain everything they want without care or concern for their victims.

I want to increase awareness about these topics in any way I can. Maybe what I write will help someone, will help inspire someone to improve the quality of their life.

Not everyone realizes that they are being abused if that is the only life they have known.
I didn’t.

Blog Goals

Do you know how many people in our country live in poverty?

What about the morbidly obese?

And the disabled, what about them?

What about Clinical Depression?

How many people kill themselves in one year?

What about addicts?

Unless we look for these numbers, we will not hear them on our daily news or in our papers unless they post it. Occasionally, someone will try to live on food stamps for one week or they try to eat one week of meals spending only $25.00. It will get brief news coverage. Then the headlines return to others new events and articles about living in poverty lose their exposure.

It isn’t enough.

I want to increase awareness showing what life is like battling mental and physical illness daily. I am 61 years old; I am morbidly obese, disabled, in poverty, am a recovering alcoholic, dealing with Clinical Depression, Complex PTSD and a bunch of other health problems.

Every day of my life, I try my best to deal with those issues that began in child abuse. Some days are better than others are.

I know that I am not alone.

Maybe I can connect with others like me.

Maybe my postings help someone better understand someone they know who has similar problems.

Maybe you have answers you can share.

Maybe we will find solutions.

I believe anything is possible.


I am so glad you found me!

My focus is on helping others in recovery get better.

I write honestly about how I became an addict and the mess I made of my life when I was actively using and abusing vulnerable people I met. Also, I detail how I turned my life around including every gory detail I remember.

Today, I do my best to keep moving forward no matter what is going on around me.

Back to my blog. every title you see contains my real-life experiences with those topics. I grew up in a monstrously abusive and violent household which catapulted me into alcoholism and self-loathing.

I have gotten past that and am writing a book detailing that titled:

How I Overcame Alcoholism, Bullying, Depression, and Shame.

I frequently post excerpts from it on my social media accounts and will post when I release it.

I am building a happy and productive sober life in recovery and hope you will do the same.

That choice is up to you.

I wish you the very best in ALL you do!